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To be content or to be wealthy?

Which would you rather have?

I don't want to be rich. Which I guess some people would find strange considering my Asian background :P

But wealth has somewhat broken my family so I have no desire to be filthy rich one day.

I would rather be content. All I want is a house, doesn't have to be big, but a nice brick house with a few bedrooms, a decent kitchen and a room I can turn into a library, a big yard for the dogs. That would be nice. I don't want to drive a BMW or a Merc. I like my sports cars and yes, it would be a dream to cruise around in an Audi R8 GT. But I would rather settle on something that will last me awhile, practical, and the dogs can fit in. If I really could afford it I would probably buy a Mitsubishi Evo. But at the moment it looks like I'll settle for a Grand Vitara or a HiLux.

I don't want to be a doctor or lawyer or CEO or executive this or that. I want to work with dogs, coffee, bars, the things that hold my interest and that I like to do. I don't need to be paid much. I just want enough to get by. Enough to pay for my house, my car, my bills. Life's little luxuries like a decent TV, a computer, a set of Le Creuset pots, nice clothes, books. To be able to have enough each year to take a trip away somewhere and still have enough to save in the bank.

That's all I want.

Sure it would be nice to be rich... But I'm happy with what I've got. I guess I'm half way there. I've got the house with the yard, most of the furniture, the car (which the dogs are quickly outgrowing...) the nice big TV, the Xbox.

It's nice enough being content. Can't really ask for more ^-^

Things I hate about working in a bar

I love my job, the managers are awesome, my workmates are particularly awesome and the pay is great. But the customers... I could think that I'm having a great day at work and one stupid fuck doing or saying one stupid thing can ruin my mood for the entire day.

If you have any interest in bars/hospitality or work in customer service you'll probably find this an interesting read.

So here is the list of things I hate most about work:

1. People with no IDCollapse )
2. People who need potty trainingCollapse )
3. DickheadsCollapse )

4. The (annoying) regularsCollapse )

5. The drunksCollapse )
6. The kidsCollapse )

To sum upCollapse )


Spent something like 4 hours making making beef bourguignon today. About 30min prep work and a good hour of cooking. So worth it! It was soooo good to have proper food after over a week of eating Maccas every day (sometimes twice a day... But that's what happens when you work that many days in a row. And the managers kept insisting on giving me free meals T_T)

I adapted the recipe from Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook. It's a good recipe but I didn't like how the only vegetable matter is carrot and onion. In excessive amounts. So I mixed it up a little with Guillaume Brahimi's recipe for bourguinon that I got off Food Safari.

After a good 4 hours slow cooking I ended up with a rich, deep stew, the meat just starting to fall apart and the speck melt in your mouth. Paired it with creamy buttery mash and it was the perfect meal. Especially in this cold weather.

Altogether it cost me around $20-30. So a little bit pricey but in the end it's enough food to last for days and it's not a once a week thing, it's really decadent (my version anyway) so a real treat to have every now and then.

It's my new signature dish. Yes, even better than the ham XD

I'll have to make this for everyone sometime <3

I love cooking :3

Maccas makes you hate people

I think I've just had my worst shift so far.

I could go into detail but I'll do that later. Right now I'm extremely tired and in a really shitty mood.

I hate weekend overnights. I hate drunks. I hate the rush from concerts and sporting events. I hate people who make massive orders (and I mean massive... 5 burgers for the one person plus more) . I hate being understaffed on busy nights. I hate incompetent staff who have been around longer than I have and who can't do something so simple as stainless, dining or even mopping the floor right. I really hate not being able to sleep even though I feel really tired.

I have overnight tonight and Monday night too. At least it'll be bearable now... No drunks or huge groups.

Will try to sleep now.

Hrmmm.. Maybe not hate for all of them. "Strongly dislike" would be better. Don't really like that word, "hate".